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Playing it Safe


I played it safe by going to a community college my first two years of college. After attending an out-of-state college for 3 semesters, I racked up nearly $30,000 in student loans, and transferring to a more ‘affordable’ university I graduated with $40,000. While this doesn’t seem like much, interest has been accruing and I have not been able to find a full time job in my field or any field for that matter.

I have tried to make payment arrangements for my loans, and have been wholly successful, but I was not informed that one of my loans would not fall under this repayment plan and I now have a loan in default. Almost all are more than 18 days past due. I live at home with my parents and I work a part time job with less than 20 hours a week 
I want to be able to work and pay my debt, but the current system is making me feel like I’m in a deep hole that I will never get out of.