Why Strike Debt

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If I didn’t have DEBT I could …


save some of the money I earn working as n underpayeda college instructor (I could work at McDonalds and earn more money—seriously!), providing a safety cushion for my wife and I. We might be able to purchase a car. We might be able to save for a house. We could afford to buy heating oil for the house we rent, which at present we cannot. We could start our own business if we could save a little of our income to get it off it’s feet. BUt that’s the little stuff. If I didn’t have any debt my wife and I could start a family, because right now between the two of us we have +$225,000 in student loan debt and our monthly payments prohibit us from beginning or ever having a family—at all. We couldn’t hope to provide for a child let alone think we could eventually put them through school someday. We did exactly what we had always been told we needed to do to be successful, work hard, go to school, and you’ll find a good job. No. While we were in school the economy collapsed and we already had all the debt to carry. If I had no debt I would plan for the future rather than constantly trying to manage the present to stay afloat.

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